An IP Company with an Edge

Divergent IP invents products and solutions that the market understands and wants today. Taking a fully integrated approach, we register an offensive and defensive patent portfolio around our creation, then manufacture and implement the most cost effective go-to-market strategy. Because we engineer and design with the end in mind, our inventions are better, cheaper, more useful and ultimately more likely to see commercial success. We are creative and curious at heart, patent law experts and consumer retailers by trade, and therefore have the edge over most traditional engineers and designer inventors; We bring ideas to life that potentially break up monopolies, disrupt industries or just bring joy and happiness to people who use them.

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Our Culture & Methodology

We conceptualize, materialize and realize solutions that our customers care about; we bring ideas to life.  

Fully Integrated Invention Process

Innovation from start to finish

What makes Divergent IP unique is that we have all the expertise necessary in-house to launch a product from beginning to end. Our products are designed with our end user in mind. They are familiar to the consumer already to ensure low customer acquisition cost and high retention, but they are improved in some way for easy adaption and commercialization both in the US and abroad.

The Ultimate Beverage Machine

By adopting brand new peel and shield technology, together with the ability to adjust temperature and brew time, this little machine has finally cracked the code on making iced beverages and much more.

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Cold Fat Shaping

With our new cooling technology, unwanted fat cells can be permanently eliminated. This non-invasive procedure can reshape your body affordably and conveniently.

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Our Founders

Combining expertise in engineering, patent law and consumer facing retail business, our founders have deep and relevant experience in all aspects of the invention process. 

Sung Oh

Co-Founder | Ceo

Sung Oh has a multi-disciplined education and professional background.  As an entrepreneur, he has invented and launched a number of innovative products with deep understanding of R&D, manufacturing intricacies in Asia, marketing, and sales in the US market.  Sung has been granted over 18 US patents and with his legal experience as a former patent attorney, he has successfully monetized his patents through licensing and litigation when necessary. 

Mel Elias


A proven and accomplished senior executive and investor, Mel Elias serves on various boards, funds and has founded or co-founded numerous businesses in the consumer lifestyle segment. Having practiced as a litigation Lawyer in Asia for a number of years, Mel made his mark in business as President & CEO for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.  Mel remains one of the preeminent executives in the US for Coffee and Tea, and in particular, the Coffee and Tea single serve continuity segment. 

Our Patent Portfolio

We invent products and solutions that the market understands and wants today.

The Ultimate Beverage System

We have designed and built a strong patent portfolio around the ultimate single-serve brewing system. Our new D-Cup™ pod technology allows the pod to brew horizontally and vertically and works perfectly with over 20M Keurig® brewers for easy adaption. D-Cup™ pod is also designed to peel away the lid from the container to allow the beverage to drain horizontally. This allows the beverage to drain free of contamination and the pod can be made of biodegradable material.

Our heating technology can adjust the brewing temperature and time to brew coffee and tea but also fun iced beverages without watering down the drinks. This machine makes espresso beverages and can brew coffee to Gold Cup Standards, making it attractive to many 3rd wave coffee brands looking for that premium capsule coffee experience.

Cold Fat Shaping

We have invented a medical device that performs a non invasive, easy to apply procedure to kill up to 25% of the fat cells in the areas treated. Cold fat elimination solutions are already very popular and proven to work, but our patented applicators do the same thing as these expensive and specialized treatments, less painfully and for much cheaper. This $4B industry is ready for disruption as permanent, non invasive fat removal is in great demand and we have the perfect solution.


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